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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  June 1, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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carell sucker punch only 69,000 jobs added in may well below the 150,000 analysts projected unemployment at kicked up to 8.2%, the market took a tumble the european debt crisis has taken over what the u.s. economy stumbles it is too powerful for the market to stomach jason brooks cbs money watch editor says across america people are wary of the new alexian and cautious to make new hires ya don't have to mention that to people with talk to who see the sputtering job market up close i have people who send out resinous eight hours a day come in from uc-berkeley you do see some hiring in the tech sector other areas like construction and government jobs those are falling by the wayside
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to early to tell if recovers fallen by the wayside the west needs to add 150,000 jobs next month to bounce back or risks stalling on the road to recovery the silver lining is oil prices took a tumble they're down to $85 a barrel, analysts said that could restore some confidence. the stock market is down campaign rhetoric heats up, both sides of the i'll disagree how to solve the unemployment problem the president says congress has the power to bring it down but republican leaders say democrats are blocking plans to stimulate the economy. of businesses that create 4.3 billion new jobs over the last 27 months but we learned where still not treating them as fast as we want why don't they pass the bills loader's said the economy is
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the number-one issue in the race for the white house no modern president has been reelected with an unemployment rate above 8% california voters go to the polls tuesday, we have news on one of the closely watched bay area races are cbs 5 survey finds more than half the registered voters in san jose plan to vote yes on measure b, the measure backed by mayor chuck reed overhauls the city's pension system less than a quarter say they'll vote no and about the same number undecided. police and fire units that measure d would punish them from us they did not create the mayor says pension spending outpaces revenue. we've had to drain money from services we have to get control of the retirement costs we have taken and significant pay cut i don't know if we can level on a 42 percent
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reduction and salary in san jose spending on major be has top $1 million, will have election results next week on cbs 5 and cbs s f dot com in marin county authorities called out after a vehicle reported down a cliff off of highway one not far from your woods. no one found inside it looks like there's no rush what appears to be a pickup truck authorities will check and see if the pickup was abandoned highway 1 is now open in both directions after a closed for 40 minutes. new testimony for the brian stow beating suspects the giants fan was really attacked out side dodger stadium last season and dave lopez with what a witness said happened it could have been worse if any of us try to retaliate it was better that walked away
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alan bradford was with brian stow the night he was severely beaten at dodger stadium testify the group from the bay area had walked away from her confrontation in the parking lot another friend, had been debt with a punch but brian stow was not get and or what in a way looking at the surroundings of making sure no more trouble and then came trouble. we heard scuffling feet behind me it sounded like like someone was running and in trying to slow down and i turned around he was close to me i got struck in the face. to different attacks in the san parking lot by the sent to suspects. luis sanchez and marvin norwood accused of those attacks in court today, bradford described sanchez and or what but a positive id, no.
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he described what the song as he was going down after being punched. a saw a brian stow in any standing position that look like he was unconscious going to the ground he hit the ground, there was a fair amount of people around i done on the people involved i started taking inventory try and figure out what was going on and he testified he did not see the actual punch hit stow but it was a few feet away you saw brian stow falling, can you describe for us what you observed in terms of how he was falling? and he was going straight back his arms were lamp light behind temps let gravity had taken them like a tree falling there was no movement he made no attempt is not able to put his arms out to break the fall i put,
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pratt for testified before the two attacks happened he hailed a cab inside the parking lot that night, the group is about to get inside the camp when they decided to travel was to have it will just walk outside the stadium that will be faster that way. dave lopez cbs five on the man accused of killing trayvon martin being sent back to jail, george zimmerman is believed not to be honest about his finances the court set bail at $150,000 he did not disclose the fact that the cops did received more than $200,000 in donations. the judge gave zimmerman 48 hours to surrender surveillance video among the evidence after being looked at regarding a suspicious fire in san jose, the hat and a 230 this morning at evergreen valley high school one was in a dumpster no one was heard students are on
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summer break. city college san francisco mayor be forced to close or combine some of its 12 campuses the system may need to make cuts to its budget to attend full accreditation for 90,000 students, it faces a $14 million shortfall the chancellor said layoffs may be necessary. kids in san jose can play on a new athletic field the final product of a collaboration between the city and alum rock school systems. joe is that in sheppard middle school synthetic grass they just cut the ribbon a couple of hours ago, these are politicians from across san jose to came to sheppard middle school to review the new field, it features an all weather for lane track the team will play football and soccer and state-of-the-art
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lighting. this is a unique partnership with the city of san was a bit that the bulk of the cost paying $2 million, the school district picked up the other half a million the public will have access from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and all day weekends. it is exciting it is awesome we can by soccer, football at night we have lights and all weather track, starting today our community has what other communities that we have it here we are proud. i mentioned the partnership at the alum rock school system has had a lot of land and no budget to do something about that the city of san jose has been trying to deal with the increasing amount of demands for its field especially for those planes opera. joe vasquez cbs 5.
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turning the bay bridge to a work of art the thief that would change the way you look at that. the california law that may have you think twice before you write a check. nick in the care drier home how one small hair dryer can eat an entire bay area house on the coldest night of the year. ,,,,,
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you go out on the night and part in the apartment and then you get the ticket julie watts with the ninth consumer watch : and park and read the sign you assume you back in time, and then this happens he was writing the ticket as i was walking up to my car
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it is happening in private lots all over the bay area to take a closer look these tickets are not issued by the city built so do have to pay? i dethrone the find out if that is legal are not private parking tickets are unenforceable according to pamela harris. she concludes they can tell there is no state law authorizing private property owners to issue citations but there is a catch, the private company regional parkin, which runs this lot in six bay area cities la a bit walnut creek to great a law allowing it to side violators and. met tough eckerd oversees parking for walnut creek they are charging for parking on their lot. needs of the digital and invoices as opposed to citation does that mean camera harris's decision cannot apply?
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we are aware of the opinion it is important to note it is an opinion on a court decision that jet to be determined what impact the attorney general opinion has that not much impact, a similar ordinance seven passed in concord and pleasant hill and regional parking plans to obsolescent oakland and amber revell it in their ultimate goal is to pass a statewide we received this private parking ticket from regional and berkeley the company admits it issues them in oakland and emory bell all cities without an ordinance. we function the samurai in the cities with ordnances how does the attorney general's decision impact you the attorney general made an opinion is not law the california vehicle code is law it's it's only a peace
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officer or a person authorized to enforce parking lot can issue a notice of parking violations what we're doing is allowing property owners to rent their parking spaces there is a two and half hour charge of $25 in court records show the company spends 25 dozen dollars a year suing people who have not paid the $25. stunt a new may want to consider before tossing the ticket. regional parkin argues with of the invoices people would park all day listening turn over, they admit that have access to dmv records so if you don't contact them unlikely they can track you down. so the cities that do not have the ordinance is it legal for them to issue the ticket? not illegal for them to put it on your car but no law requiring you to pay debt. it is unlikely that would win in
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court. but if they tell you you have to pay it is private property they can tell you any time and today. a home so energy-efficient a single hair dryer can eat the entire house how one bay area man created a single energy home this piece of
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have solar rhetoricians new rules will go into effect in 2014 it will raise the average cost of a new home but commission says more efficient homes will set homeowners thousand dollars in energy costs. the new rules the strictest in the nation. it looks like any large new silicon valley house on the outside but this house can be heated with just a hair dryer. anne mackovic shows us the first zero anergy house it may look like your average single-family dwelling it is the first zero energy home certified by the california energy commission built in san jose by alan joelle and at. this technology a exist and
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the public does not know what is in that you're in energy home a super insulated building a collects more energy from solar panels then uses but you may want to call at the hair dryer home. the heat from the hair dryer is circulated throughout the entire home he posted this video on youtube leaving a hair dryer on all night when he returned, the house was 70 degrees outside it was almost freezing after a cold february night. he has felt that way since he built the some four years ago i found out about the idea and said we have to build a that is the future the law says by the year 2020, all new residential construction in california must be net zero energy. he says it cost 10-15 percent more to build, but the energy
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cost between energy star appliances and triple pane windows live enough energy to power an electric car for free. the hair dryer is a symbol for me and i thought it reaches every buddy you get the sense it is a teeny amount of energy and heating a big building anne mackovic in san jose for cbs 5 in the battle of the sexism and win in the battle for bacteria. a study of offices in san francisco and other big cities men have more bacteria in their work space than women. men have tended 20 percent more bacteria, the reason is not clear had smarts believe that is because women wash their hands more often. after a public rejection 30 years ago, art turned history on
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display again, the best known is the portrait of george a likeness of slain mayor george mosconi produced by an artist in 1981, it is something of a gruesome mass bullet holes on the pedestal and a reference to the so-called " twinkie defense " of supervisor dan white. and it was rejected by the san francisco arts commission in 1981 i have lusted after this art for many years, if i felt this piece had to come to s f moma at some point and i think most people at the time it is not an event you'll ever forget, it is sirte in to me i can understand why a originally people did not want to accept it that time has passed and we understand it does show respect and justice in an i
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unpretentious manner it stands at the s at moma staring across room and a self portrait of the artist it remains on display through fall. lawrence you wipe your workplace down every hour on the hour let the record show i lead a clean workspace. we have changes on the way. the cool us down has begun on the coast line and inside a de chopper five is up and looking towards sutro tower, you see the clouds on the horizon that is squarely pushing onshore. you'll see more clouds about the weekend. for monday at chance of rain, latest satellite shows patchy fog along the coast a flare-up of thunderstorms over the sierra, if ever a camping trip on monday be prepared.
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at of the day we are looking to get a quiet evening and the breeze kicks up, the temperature is hot and lent 92 degrees at concord, 63 at san francisco and 78 in san jose and. tonight more low clouds and fog, by day tomorrow sunshine and cool temperatures and and breezy in the bay. around the state 90s in the central valley tomorrow, maybe some clouds over the sierra, a cooler weekend in store for the bay area. one of these systems relent and a chance of showers locally. overnight tonight clouds gather tonight and maybe some drizzle towards the beaches. tomorrow and will see sunshine towards the afternoon. temperatures will be cooler outside, 59 at pacifica, the
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warmer spots inland in the 80's and 60's and '70's. the next couple of days we watch the temperatures drop off. we put a chance of rain on monday. not a big storm but cooler. chisholm i'm ken bastida live on the embarcadero the other bridge ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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turning a bay area a landmark to art ken bastida shows as the new plan to make the break bay bridge sean we are lucky in the bay area to have to iconic and beautiful structures in these bridges, the golden gate at its anniversary of the 75th last weekend, the bay bridge gets ready for that
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when let's show you where a want to do. this is an artist rendition. it is called the bail at project that want to hang 25,000 programmable l e d lights off the bridge for the next two years, it would honor the bay bridge. its seventh anniversary, they did something similar on the eiffel tower for its 100th. we're interested in talking to people and finding out what they think about the project. if that looks really cool and interesting it does not use taxpayer money that is great beautiful imaginary chisholm you have the bay bridge tattooed on your cat? there it is. the allies would be right there right? your're asking how much will
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this cost hanging 25,000 lights of the bay bridge and how will they do it that still has to be worked out with caltrans the cost will be $8 million that will be privately funded there are taking donations now, on the web site, 5 million has been collected the going down to silicon valley to see if they can pick up arrest from big investors. if all goes well in late 2012 or early next year you'll see the shimmering lights on the other event tastic structured on the bay, the bay bridge. ken bastida el in mobile 5 the recovery hits a wall job growth slows to a trickle what is wrong with the economy. ,,,,,
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i'm dana king here's what we're working on at 6:00 some good news the milestone the vallejo fire department celebrated today. more come to live now than it was an idea in my head food trucks are everywhere have you wondered where they come from we follow an old truck and watch it transformed to the arrest on on wheels. that and more at 6:00 p.m. until then lawrence karnow went down his place.


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